Mountain adventure to Toreskyrkja

Date: Friday 18 jun 2021 - Thursday 19 Aug 2021

Experience what might be the most beautiful, impressive mountain adventure that Gausta has to offer. This guided day trip takes you up one of Gausta’s highest peaks. Includes Gaustablikk's nutritious packed lunch.


Many people choose to go up to Gaustatoppen during their stay at Gausta, but if you would rather try another spectacular, slightly more out-of-the-ordinary summit trip, you should consider hiking to the top of Toreskyrkja, accompanied by a guide. Here you can hike in beautiful mountain surroundings, across a variety of terrains – gravel roads, bogs, fine wide paths and sheep tracks, all the way up to one of Gausta's highest mountain peaks. The view from Toreskyrkja – a whole 1371 metres above sea level – is breathtaking, giving a wide view of Gausta, Tuddal and Gaustatoppen. This is a trip your family will love, and one they’ll be able to look back on as a wonderful memory from their holiday. The trip might seem more demanding than a hike up to Gaustatoppen, since it’s quite steep in places: but with the right gear, food in the bag and breaks, it’ll be a breeze!

Our mountain adventure starts at the meeting place at Vatnedalen/Kvitåvatn (on the gravel road), about 1.5 km from Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell. The trip starts on a gravel road before heading onto the path that takes you up the mountainside. There are several viewpoints along the way, including a lovely plateau with a view of Gaustablikk, the cabin’s and Gausta Ski Center. The hike then continues uphill and takes you through blueberry heather and beautiful mountain environments. Before the last push up to the top, you come to a mountain ridge with a view of Heddersvann – a perfect place for a short break before tackling the last stretch up to Toreskyrkja. Once you’re at the summit, it’s well worth taking a break to enjoy a good lunch from the chefs at Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell. The descent follows the same path as the ascent and finishes back at the starting point. In total, the trip is about 4.5–5 hours long.

The trip is tailored to the requirements of the group and breaks are taken when needed. The time taken to complete it can, as a result, vary.

Age: from 12 years (or younger, with parental approval).

When: Friday at 10.00 - 14.30/15.00

Number of participants: maximum 8 people

Food: Quiche and energy bar.

Choose between pulled pork wrap, chicken wrap, sandwiches with blueberry-marinated salmon or sandwiches with meatballs and caramelized onions.

You can also get a vegan/vegetarian alternative: please state if you want this in the booking.


  • Meeting place: At the meeting place sign by Vatnedalen/Kvitåvatn gravel road
  • Prerequisites: Children and parents should be accustomed to the mountains and hiking.
  • Difficulty: Challenging
  • Equipment: Good hiking shoes, outdoor clothing appropriate to the weather (windproof and breathable), backpack with water, a warm sweater.

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